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IOT & Systems

Bluetooth, Wifi, and LORA systems development


Environmental Design

Using Cryengine + VR

Who We Are

We’re a growing research & development venture located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

We focus on creating simple yet functional tech solutions, from MVP (minimum viable product) consultation and assistance, to final product reviewing, analysis, and advisory services. We also offer a range of products to assist the maker community in MVP development and prototyping.

What we can do

As well as internal technology research and development, we can help you with the following services

MVP Development

We can assist with MVP and prototyping of your technology products or services.

Research & Solutions

We can assist with product research, and how you can best produce your project.

Timeley Service

We endeavor to help you get the ball rolling for rapid prototyping and development.


Some of the cool things we’ve been working on