AFC Emails




This tutorial will guide you through accessing your company webmail, as well as optionally setting up your email app or device, to receive emails from the server.

This article applies to all systems connected to Hivemind.

Step 1: Accessing

To access your account, please enter your company website URL followed by /Webmail. In this example, I am going to

Step 2: Log in

Enter your assigned email address and password, and click/tap log in.

Step 3: Choose Horde

Please use Horde for your email. It makes managing staff emails much easier.

Step 4: You’re in

You’ve logged into your company email address. Right-click is supported. Make folders, inboxes, and send/receive emails. You know, everything every other mail client does.

Step 5: Configuring your device

If you’d prefer to get your emails through Outlook, Apple Mail, Google Inbox, etc. click your username top right, and select configure mail client.

If you’re downloading a config file, best bet is to use IMAP over SSL/TLS

Choose your app or software. There’s also details should you want to set it up manually, but please use secure SSL option.

You’re done!

If you have any queries, please get in contact.