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Julian White Borealis May 21, 2017 Leave a reply

This will be my first project under the remodelling of Hivemind Technology into a development and sales business.

Over a series of blog entries I hope to publicly publish the development of Borealis, a concept desktop accessory lamp that’s been sitting in the ‘to-do‘ pile for too long now, and finally get it to market.

The concept for Borealis goes as follows; in its default state as a USB powered desktop accessory, using a line of addressable RGB LEDs combined with a microcontroller and bluetooth module inside a beautifully crafted case, it displays a randomly generated northern lights lightshow projected onto the top half of the case (which is not really designed to fully illuminate the room as it’s more decorative/notification device than a lighting product).

The problem it aims to solve is when your phone is in your pocket, to the side, or on charge, you don’t always see the notifications indicator LED. This is solved by bending the northern lights colours to match an incoming notification on your phone (over a bluetooth low-energy link), with the lamp as a decorative item in your work area that functions without detracting with bright flashing lights; the notifications change will be subtle and look beautiful. I also have a stretch-goal unit in mind for when the project launches, too.

I aim to work on this product’s chassis and driver board designs over coming weeks.

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