Hardware Mockups

Julian White Borealis July 14, 2017 Leave a reply

We’ve been working on a design for the enclosure to fit the PCB, and look tidy & presentable. We’ve gone with a matte black base, with a semi-opaque top, which will assist with light diffusion. The board screws down to the base via four M2 screws, with the base being primarily hollow to make room for the electronics underneath.

We have also consulted with an electronics engineer in the United States, who analysed our design and advised a few components to add and remove. Once that has been accomplished, we aim to get the first PCBs produced. We have also consulted with a bluetooth module producer in China, who manufacture modules that have a few more features that could future-proof our design. With this in mind, we’re aiming to get five proof-of-concept PCBs produced to demonstrate MVP function, and from there, we’ll prototype cases and see how that looks.

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