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Julian White Company May 20, 2017 Leave a reply

With Hivemind Tech becoming vested in developing websites and information systems, I’ve determined it is time to split that off into another company, and return Hivemind Tech to what it was all about in the early days. I wanted to focus on providing three things;

  1. A platform for delivering updates on my innovations & projects.
  2. An eCommerce platform for buying said innovations & projects once they’re released.
  3. An eCommerce platform for supplying prototyping boards, sensors, and equipment to makers.

Because I work with a range of demo boards, breakout boards, sensors, and components, I often spend a lot of time flicking through manuals, diagrams, and demo code (which half the time needs a lot of cleaning up and tweaking), I wanted to streamline the whole process for inventors and makers like myself. Adding to that, everything stocked on the store, I have personally tried and used, and where possible I will include as much documentation and source code as I can! (which will be provided on the product listing)

I also wanted to provide a news page for all my latest projects and updates, from hardware/electronics development, to game & environment designs (of which I also take an interest in) and more.

Looking forward to everything!

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