Pripyat/Chernobyl, 1985

Julian White Game Development August 22, 2017 Leave a reply

I’ve always held a fascination with the abandoned town of Pripyat, in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Perhaps what I find the most interesting is what it once was, and what it could have been today, and some of the architecture and art scattered around the city really showed the old Soviet’s ‘city for the future’ theme.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to recreate what it would have looked and sounded like in 1985 (with the option to time-jump between then and now would be pretty cool to achieve), and I started working on this idea in CryEngine as a small ‘do it when I have some free time’ project, mainly to keep my 3D modelling and game engine skills sharp. I’ve decided to start at the river port/cafe. Smallish, simple, easy to develop, and there’s also a really nice stained-glass mural there! Although perhaps one of the most upsetting things is over time this mural has fallen apart and been broken. A lot of photographers have also taken photos of it over the years, which makes points of reference easy in recreating how it might have looked (recreating is the only option for a complete mural, as there is literally zero plans or photos to determine how it originally looked)

I’ve gathered some photos off blogs and portfolios and threw them together in Photoshop, to create a kind of study in how it all fits together.

I’m also making this collage free to download for anyone who may want to see how it looked as of 2017;

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