Far Cry: Fort Redux

Released in 2004 by Crytek and published by Ubisoft, Far Cry was met with great acclaim, selling over 730,000 units within four months of release. Far Cry 1 always a personal favourite, and with the release of the standalone Cryengine 3 SDK, we started building a remake of the Fort level from Far Cry in 2015.

Far Cry: 2004 vs 2016

Following off screenshots taken in Far Cry, as well as sampling the level heightmap, Far Cry: Fort Redux followed the Fort level layout and design as close as possible, but with new models, textures, shaders, and engine – but no action or enemies, as we wanted to demonstrate the environmental art.

In February of 2015, Dark Side of Gaming published an article outlining the project’s beginnings. Keeping in touch with the article’s editor, they published another article at the end of 2015 demonstrating progress in the course of just one year. News of Far Cry: Fort Redux reached far and wide through the net, with gaming websites GameStar, PlayGround.ru and DUSK Games reporting & resharing progress screenshots. The amount of traffic Hivemind Tech recieved caused our old servers to crash! We hope to release this soon for everyone to play.

Project Brief


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Game Engine

CryEngine 3.6 SDK