Oz Drag-Con

Oz Drag-Con is Australia’s first ever full scale LGBTI and Queer Friendly Pop Culture Expo, based in Melbourne, Australia. A Celebration of Diversity in all its forms, Oz Drag-Con brings VIP Celebrity Guests and Ticket Holders together to celebrate Hope and Love (the 2017 debut theme), equally and without discrimination.

Oz Drag-Con boasts a renowned celebrity attendance, such as from RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul’s AllStars, and Muscle Geek Physique, and has been covered by major news outlets such as SameSame.

Features built into the Oz Drag-Con website meet functional requirements in that;

  • It connects to EventBrite API.
  • A countdown timer is installed and operational for launch party/event.
  • The user can add launch/convention to their calendar.
  • VIP Guests are prominently displayed on large screens, and auto-scroll on smaller screens.
  • Events and Expectations are listed beautifully.
  • We went above and beyond an event map; and made it interactive with journey planner.
  • The contact form has ‘your preferred name’ instead of first/last name fields, as we’re working parallel to the LGBT group.

Hivemind Tech maintains both frontend and backend systems of Oz Drag-Con, including but not limited to emails, HR applications, volunteer management, and cloud services, to future-proof the operational success of this event.


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Oz Drag-Con


2017 - Ongoing